Badger Activities


Badger Nature
Our new nature program will teach our campers about the environment and the world surrounding them. Our new nature trail, sustainable garden and little creatures will give our campers a captivating hands-on learning experience. The program will include, planting and sustaining a garden containing vegetables and plants, walking our new trail and exploring the natural items found on our planet as well as learning about little creatures such as frogs! Our nature specialist will teach our campers of all ages about the wonders of nature and how much fun it really can be!

Dance and Drama

Drama and Dance are two popular activities at camp that our campers enjoy! In our drama program the children learn acting skills by playing a variety of games that help them channel their inner actress or actor. Our dance program teaches our campers to be confident and boosts self-esteem. Throughout the summer we prepare a talent packed show that is open for parents and family to attend on the last day of camp!

STEAM Program

STEAM Progams
We are partnering up with MacInspires who has been teaching STEAM for over five years and has developed their own classes and curriculum from grades Kindergarden-12. MacInspires strives to help technology enrich a child’s life by providing dedicated education and support. STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, arts and math. Throughout camp MacInspires will be coming to camp to educate our campers while having fun. MacInspires has created a curriculum for each of our age groups, during camp our campers will be learning about robotics, coding, 3D Design and engineering! Our older campers will be able to participate in, Remote Control Off-Road Racing! Our campers will get the chance to build and race a remote controlled 1/10th scale model 4WD car! Through building the car campers will learn about circuits, the mechanics of how cars work, radio signals and more. Our 500 square foot off-road race track is sure to impress and offer countless hours of educational fun!

Arts and Crafts

Badger offers many different arts and craft’s projects where our campers can express themselves! We have traditional crafts such as lanyard making, painting, decorating, beading, and our most popular craft, Tie Die along with many more options! Throughout the summer our arts and craft program involves the entire camp in a big craft such as painting and decorating the Olympic rings for our annual Olympic Games!!


Our swim program sets us apart! Most families are drawn to Badger for our outstanding and renowned swim program. Our swim program was created by Olympic coach John Collins from Badger Swim Club and is connected with our Learn to swim program from our Badger Swim School. During the summer we use USA swimming instructors as well as a pool staff that is Red Cross Water Swim Instructor certified as well as lifeguard, CPR and First Aid certified. We have exceptional instructor to camper ratios in addition to our Head and Assistant Counselor supervision in the pool and on the pool deck. Our campers swim twice a day daily and receive time dedicated to instructional swim as well as time for free swim, games, races, diving and our awesome water sides!

Themed Days

Every summer our themed days are days that our campers look forward to and constantly ask about. Themed days at Badger are all about having fun, camp spirit and pure enjoyment. Some of tour themed days include Topsy Turvy Day, Tie Die Day, Pirate Day, Hawaiian Day and more! On these different days we have a variety of activities such as inflatables, prizes, fun games, arts and crafts and parades to show off the awesome outfits. We can’t forget our annual tradition of The Olympics to see who will win the Ruth Collins Cup! The Olympics lasts a full week of camp and the campers will compete in different activities during the week to earn points, and whichever team earns the most points, wins!


Badger selects individuals for our sports instructors based on skills, knowledge of the sport as well as their patience to working with children of different ages. Through our sports we strive to give our campers the fundamentals and skills of the sport while having fun and good sportsmanship.

Our sports program includes many sports such as:

  • Soccer
  • Hockey
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Field Games
  • Flag Football
  • Capture the flag
  • Yoga
  • Frisbee
  • Gaga
  • Golf
  • Gymnastics
  • Karate


Throughout the summer we have many different club that our campers can choose to be a part of! Over the years our clubs have become a highlight of our camper’s summer with us. Our specialists have been hand-picked to foster and grow the interests of our campers! Campers can choose just one or multiple clubs to be involved in.

Our clubs include:

Paddle Boarding