Parent Handbook

Welcome to Badger Day Camp! We are excited to have you become
part of the family. The following is a handbook to give you the general information for camp. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Our Mission

Badger Day Camp strives to foster the mental, physical and social growth of our campers. We focus on developing con dence and self-esteem, and encourage campers to accept new challenges and
have positive attitudes. Our goal is that each camper will have a strong sense of belonging to an environment that is accepting, healthy and fun.


Please add our email address to your contacts to ensure you receive all of our updates and information as email is our primary form of contact. Additionally, we may send home iers or post other information on our website on occasion. Follow us on Facebook!

Applications and Health Forms

Our camper application and health forms can be found here. Each camper must have a completed on-line application as well as completed health forms no later than June 15th. The health form may be completed by a parent or guardian. The immunization records must have the physician’s stamp or signature.

What to Bring (and not to bring!) to Camp

Parents should send on the child’s rst day of camp the following items, clearly labeled with your child’s full name:

• 3 bathing suits
• sunblock
• goggles (suggested)
• sweatshirt
• change of clothing (pre-schoolers only)

ALL CLOTHING WORN TO CAMP EACH DAY SHOULD BE CLEARLY LABELED WITH YOUR CHILD’S FULL NAME. Not having your child’s name in clothing can cause confusion and lost items. Campers should wear sneakers and socks or closed-toed athletic sandals every day. Crocs and ip- ops may be worn for swim only, but are not necessary. We wash and dry campers’ bathing suits on the premises and provide clean towels at each swim period. Please do not send your child with cash, electronics, toys of any kind, trading cards of any kind, or any other personal belongings other than those mentioned above. Cellphone use is prohibited at camp – we want to unplug! We are not responsible for any lost or stolen personal property.


For parents with children who will be utilizing camp busing:
You will be emailed your child’s pick up and drop off times. Each bus or van will have a Badger Day Camp bus counselor in addition to an appropriately licensed driver for every ride. If your child is not picked up or dropped off at the assigned times, please call the of ce for information. Please keep in mind that the rst week of camp will have variations in the pick-up and drop off times until the routes become routine.

In the event of a delayed pick up or dismissal due to weather or any other emergency reason, we will send a mass email to all parents. Please add to your address book so you will receive our emails.

Transportation Safety

There is no food allowed on camp transportation. Parents are not allowed to board or ride on camp vehicles. Please wait a safe distance from the curb and do not attempt to have your child board the bus until it has come to a complete stop and has turned on the appropriate safety signs, lights, etc. Wait for the bus counselor to get off the bus and get your child. ALWAYS cross in front of the bus, NEVER behind. Make sure that you are at least 10 feet ( ve giant steps) ahead of the bus before crossing. When crossing in front of the bus, you should be able to maintain eye contact with the driver. Campers are required to wear safety belts and or child restraints. Children need to remain seated for the entire trip. Badger Day Camp is not responsible for campers prior to pick-up or after drop off. Your child will not be left at your drop-off location unless a known and listed parent, guardian or contact is present. The child will be brought back to camp and need to be picked up by an authorized contact.

For parents with children who will either pick up or drop off their child:

Morning Drop Off: Children who will NOT be utilizing morning transportation should be dropped off at 8:45am to a Badger Day Camp employee who will be located at the top of our driveway. Please DO NOT drive your vehicle into our driveway, as it will impede our buses from being able to maneuver properly. If you walk to camp, you may bring your child down the grass path next to the driveway and sign them in at the of ce. PLEASE DO NOT WALK IN THE DRIVEWAY. If your child is arriving late and there is no longer staff at the top of our driveway, you may drive down to drop the child off. Please sign in at the office.

Half Day and Mini Day: Parents who will pick up their children at either 1pm for the Half Day Program or at 2pm for the Mini Day, may drive their cars into the driveway where there will be staff instructing you where to park. Please leave promptly after your child has been dismissed to you as it will help to alleviate traf c in the lot. Sign out sheets will be available each day. Please make sure to sign your child out every day.

Full Day: Parents who will pick up their children for the Full Day Program will NOT be permitted to drive their car into the driveway until after 4:15 or until all camp vehicles have departed. Sign out sheets must be signed each day.

IMPORTANT: Please always make sure to sign out your child from the of ce. If your child arrives to camp late, please make sure to sign them in at the office.

Health and Safety

Badger Day Camp takes great pride in taking all the necessary precautions to provide a safe, happy and healthy summer. Please do not send your child to camp if they have a fever. We also ask that they not return to camp until they have been fever free for at least 24 hours. If your child is ill or becomes injured at camp, we will rst contact the listed parent(s) and or guardian(s). The general camp practice is to contact parents when there is concern about a camper’s health and/or when a situation is not progressing as expected. Depending on the degree of illness or injury, we will then contact any emergency contacts listed on the application and/or 911.

Illnesses: Please notify us immediately if your child has a communicable illness or infection. This will allow us to notify the parents/guardians of their fellow campers. Campers with communicable conditions may not return to camp without a note from their physician.

Allergies: Badger Day Camp is peanut free and nut aware. We do not serve any nut containing foods, however some products may be manufactured in facilities that are not nut free. If your child has allergies, please feel free to make an appointment with our nurse and chef before camp to discuss an allergy action plan.

Lice: Campers with head lice will not be allowed to attend camp. If we nd that your child has lice, you will be contacted to come and pick your child up. We will also send a note home to all campers in any group where lice is found. Our camp requires that the child be nit-free. Upon return, campers must be examined by the camp nurse.

Medication: Any medication that is to be administered at camp must be in the original prescription container. The physician’s instructions must also be given to the nurse. Medications must be brought to camp prior to the camper’s start date. Medications cannot be transported on camp vehicles. Any over the counter medications (i.e. Tylenol, Motrin, Benadryl) will only be administered if the “Parent and Physician Authorization for Administration of Medication in Camp” section of the camper health form is completed and signed.

Child Abuse: Anyone working with children is required by law to report any suspected child abuse. This includes any physical, sexual, emotional, mental and neglect.

Attire: All campers must wear closed toed shoes such as sneakers or athletic sandals. No crocs or ip ops can be worn other than during a swim period. Girls should wear a one-piece suit for swimming.
Release of Campers: Campers will only be released to those persons listed on the camper application. The camp is required to check the identi cation of anyone they do not know. This includes parents, relatives and friends.


Our lunches are prepared here fresh daily with the exception of pizza, which is delivered from a local pizzeria. If your child has food allergies, please make an appointment to meet with our chef. Food of any kind brought from home must be presented to our chef. There are no nuts of any kind allowed at camp. Our menu will be posted on the website. If your child does not like the lunch of the day, they may select an alternative. Their Head Counselor will ask them their lunch preference upon arrival each day.


Badger Day Camp has an open door policy. There may be several days that we ask parents not to visit due to camper only events and or parking limitations. All visitors must have photo ID and sign in at the of ce. Once checked in, visitors will be given a pass to wear. Please return this to the of ce and sign out when leaving. If you are taking your child with you, please notify their Head Counselor and sign them out at the of ce as well. Please be aware of all parking signage and regulations on the surrounding streets. Parking in our driveway is prohibited unless your child is enrolled in the Half Day or Mini Day programs and do not take a bus. Parking in our lot may be allowed at certain times, but this will be communicated per each event. Please note that pets, alcohol, tobacco, rearms or weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited on campus.


Badger Day Camp provides a balanced program consisting of both sport and non-sport activities. They include but are not limited to: golf, playground, gaga, soccer, eld sports, baseball, basketball, tennis, volleyball, swimming, arts & crafts, gymnastics, table games, drama, dance, yoga, music, nature, group games and martial arts. Full Day and Mini Day campers swim twice per day. Half Day campers swim once. On any camper’s rst day, their swimming abilities will be evaluated. We never assume a camper can swim. Once evaluated, they will be placed in subgroups according to their abilities. In addition to their regular group staff, pool and staff and lifeguards will be on duty at every swim period.


We are happy to celebrate your child’s birthday here at camp. We have partnered with the local bakery, ABC Cakes. If you would like to order cupcakes, please contact the of ce and we can facilitate your order. If you would like to provide your own cake or cupcakes, a complete list of ingredients must accompany the goods. Due to allergies, all food should not contain nuts of any kind. Birthday celebrations take place after lunch has been served during their normal lunch period. You may feel free to come and celebrate with your child.


Tipping is not required, however we welcome you to tip the staff that has cared for your child if you feel they have done a good job.