Badger & SwimAmerica

Badger Day Camp has partnered with SwimAmerica who is the nations leading learn to swim school. SwimAmerica is a nationally certified learn to swim curriculum created in 1988 by the American Swimming Coaches Association. SwimAmerica lessons are designed to teach all the swim skills your child needs to be safe in and around the water for a lifetime. SwimAmerica teaches children to swim, they don’t just teach lessons and they put safety first! Our campers will be swim evaluated on the first day of camp and placed in the corresponding swim level to their skills. Throughout camp our campers will progress through the stations and receive Badger badges to show their outstanding progress!

As of Summer 2018, our pool is now heated! We installed a new heater that is all ready for our campers to swim!

The Badger Swimming Badges

Bronze Swimming Badge

Station 1: Bubbles

  • 10 ‘relaxed’ head bobs

Station 2: Floats and Glides

  • Front glide for 5 seconds & recover
  • Back glide for 5 seconds & recover

Station 3: Kicking

  • Front kick for 15 ft
  • Back kick for 15 ft

Station: 4: Crawl Stroke

  • Slide-Glide-Kick for 20 feet
  • Crawl Stroke for 20 feet no breathing

Silver Swimming Badge

Station 5: Freestyle

  • Crawl Stroke with breathing with a minimum of 4 breaths

Station 6: Backstroke

  • Swim freestyle for 75 feet
  • Swim backstroke for 30 feet
  • Tread water for 1 minute

Station 7: Breaststroke & Butterfly

  • Swim freestyle for 50 yds
  • Swim backstroke for 25 yds
  • Kick breaststroke for 20 feet

Gold Swimming Badge

Station 8: Turns

  • Swim freestyle for 100 yds using bi-lateral breathing
  • Swim breaststroke for 25 yds
  • Swim butterfly for 30 feet

Station 9: Lifetime Strokes

  • Swim freestyle for 200 yds using bi-lateral breathing
  • Swim butterfly for 25 yds
  • Swim breaststroke for 50 yds
  • Swim elementary backstroke for 50 yds
  • Swim sidestroke for 50 yds

Station 10: Individual Medley

  • Swim 300 yds Freestyle with bi-lateral breathing and flip turns
  • Swim 100 yds Backstroke,
  • Swim 100 yds Individual Medley