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Happy Halloween!

We hope you all have fun trick-or-treating this Saturday!pumpkin-paw

Registration Is Now Open

We are now accepting applications for summer 2016!  Take advantage of our Fall Special before December 15.  Register now on-line through the website or download a paper application.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

It’s Official – Fall is Here!

And, fall means it is time for the Badger Fall Special!  We hope you all enjoyed the end of the summer and that the kids are all settled at school.  Stayed tuned, we will be offering great discounts on all of our programs!  Our Summer 2016 dates are June 27 – August 19.


Summer 2015

We are busy planning for summer 2015, our 82nd year!  Our camp dates are June 29 through August 21.  We are always thinking of ways to improve our campers experience.  We will be developing a Pre-K Zone with specialized schedule of activities designed especially for our youngest campers.  As always we will have an excellent program for our older campers.

All of our clubs and special activities were a huge hit!  We will be continuing with the chess club, cartooning, golf and Momentum Fitness.  We will be adding woodworking and a bracelet making station.

Keep and eye out for our Fall Special and register early to take advantage of the discounts.  You will be able to enroll on-line directly through our website.

2015 Calendar of Events

2015 Calendar of Events
July 2nd – Fourth of July BBQ and DJ Dance Party
July 7th  – Topsy Turvy Day
July 16th – Field Day
July 20th – Swim Demos Begin
July 22nd – Hawaiian Surfing Safari
July 28th – Carnival Day
August 5th – Pirate Day
August 11th – Badger Olympics Opening Ceremony
August 14th – Badger Olympics Closing Ceremony
August 18th – Fiesta Day
August 21st – DJ Dance Party and our End of Summer Show


This summer, young campers were busy with Susanne Handel participating in her S.N.A.C.K.S program. The kids made all kinds of fun snacks that they enjoyed eating while at camp. When kids are involved in making their own food, they are more willing to try new things. Special thanks to Sue for bringing this great program to Badger!

S is for SUPER
A is for AMAZING
K is for KIDS
S is for SNACKS

Here are come pictures of the campers making some fun and yummy recipes!

2014 Calendar of Events

June 30 – Opening Day
July 3 – Fourth of July DJ Dance Party
July 4 – Closed 
July 8 – Topsy Turvy Day
July 17 – Field Day
July 21 – Swim Demos Begin
July 23 – Hawaiian Surfing Safari
July 29 – Carnival Day
August 6 – Fiesta Day
August 12 – Badger Olympics Opening Ceremony
August 15 – Badger Olympics Closing Ceremony
August 19 – Pirate Day
August 22 – Season End DJ Dance Party

Kevin Chin Golf

New Summer Sports coming to Badger!

Momentum Fitness
This dynamic fitness group will be here for several weeks this summer. Instructors will lead Zumba, fitness and trampoline classes to some of our older campers. This will be a new twist on fitness while having fun at the same time!

Kevin Chin Golf
Kevin Chin will be running the Golf Program at Camp this year. Kevin is a talented golf instructor and we are very lucky to have him join us for the 2014 Summer Season! Check out his website to learn more about Kevin’s teaching philosophy.


Food in the News

Badger campers work up big appetites when they are at camp! This year we have some new and delicious additions to fill up those hungry tummies!

Healthy Snack Program
Susanne Handel will be joining us this summer to implement her S.N.A.C.K.S. program (super, nutritious, amazing, creative, kids, snacks!)  Susanne is a high school and middle school guidance counselor with a passion for health, fitness and nutrition.  She most recently completed the ING NYC Marathon and leads an after school club geared to teaching students about the importance of nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

ABC Cakes
ABC Cakes will be our go to resource for birthday celebrations.  If you would like to celebrate your child’s birthday at camp with cupcakes, our office will facilitate your order for the big day!

Village Pizza
Village Pizza of Mamaroneck is the official pizza of Badger! Campers will enjoy fresh pies delivered to their group each week.  

BBQ Fridays
We are excited to have themed BBQs added to our lunch schedule each Friday this summer!


Looking good!

The Badger pool has a fresh coat of paint and is ready to be filled. It won’t be long now before the Badger swim team and our campers are making a splash!


Gear up for Swimming on June 8!

On June 8th, 2014 from 10am-2pm, Pedigree Ski shop will be at Badger selling swim gear and goggles. Don’t miss out!


What’s new for 2014?

We always try to keep things new and fresh here at Badger. This coming season we will be building a green house where the campers will be able to plant vegetables and eventually taste their own crops! We will be replacing the tent in the first court where our Arts & Crafts, Dance and Table Games are currently housed. The tents will provide more shade and dry space for more activities to take place. We have also added solar covers to the pool to better regulate the pool temperature. And, last but not least we will be making some delicious changes to our lunch menu! Yum, Yum, Yum! We’ll keep you posted as more additions get added to the list!

The Badger Pool in Winter

Summer on our minds

The pool may be covered in snow, but we have summer on our minds. We have already reached out to our staff and are pleased to report that many of counselors will be returning this summer. We are also looking forward to the addition of our Division Leaders. These staff members, who are teachers and or education professionals, will supervise a few groups and will be available to you to discuss all aspects of your child’s camp experience. Our groups will still be lead by Head Counselors as well. The Division Leaders will be emailing you weekly newsletters as well as setting up photo pages for you to access all summer. If you have not signed up, there’s still time. Please call the office with any questions and ask about our Winter Special.

119 Rockland Ave

What’s new for the 2013 season?

We’ve made a few changes and added new things to make this season even better than the last! We installed a new surface on one of our tennis courts in order to make it a multi-purpose use area. We’ll still be playing tennis on it, but when tennis isn’t being played, now other things can be! We have brand new games for the game room and a new rainy day schedule that includes karaoke, American idol contests, whole camp big bingo and we’ll be converting the outdoor eating area as a new usable space for rainy days.

Tot Tables

We’re getting ready for summer 2013!

Spring is here and that means summer isn’t far away! Spring bulbs are starting to pop up and landscaping is in full swing. Our wonderful office staff has been working hard to get employee contracts out and get everything in order. We are excited to announce that many of our counselors and instructors are returning for another great season. Camp applications keep rolling in and we are almost full. Let the countdown begin!

Summer fun

Swim Club

If your camper enjoyed swimming all summer, sign them up to swim all year long with Badger Swim Club! Badger Swim Club offers group swim lessons for kids 4 years old and up. Kids are grouped by age and move up the ranks as they get older. It is as competitive as they want it to be. Kids swim at Hammocks pool in Mamaroneck and other local pools around Westchester. Email for more information!

2013 calendar of Events

This summer is jam packed with fun! Here are some important dates to remember!

June 26- First day of Camp
July 4- Fourth of July DJ Lunch Party
July 5- Camp closed in observance of July 4th
July 9- Topsy Turvy Day
July 11- Camp Photo Day
July 18 – Field Day
July 19- Field Day Rain Date
July 22- Group Swim Demos Begin
July 24- Hawaiian Surfing Safari
July 25- Hawaiian Surfing Rain Date
July 30 Carnival Day
July 31- Carnival Day Rain Date
August 2- Photo Re-take Day
August 6- Badger Olympics Opening Ceremonies
August 9- Badger Olympics Closing Ceremonies
August 13- Pirate Day
August 16- End of Season celebrated with DJ Lunch Party and Talent Show

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