Badger Special Events 2018

Throughout the Summer we will be hosting special days for everyone to enjoy! Take a look at the list below.

  • July 3rd – The 4th DJ Dance Party
  • July 6th – Topsy Turvy Day- Breakfast for Lunch
  • July 9th-17th- Group of the Day
  • July 11th- Hawaiian Day (rain date July 12th) The Big Kahuna water slides and Magician
  • July 24th- Carnival*
  • July 25th- Carnival *
  • July 31st – Pirate Day (rain date August 2nd)
  • August 6th- Pep Rally (9:30am-10am)
  • August 7th- Opening Ceremonies Olympics (10am)
  • August 10th- Closing Ceremonies Olympics (2:45p)
  • August 16th- Dress Rehearsal for show
  • August 17- End of Summer Show (10:30)

*Tie Die shirts to be worn on Carnival day

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