In an outdoor, shaded space, campers go wild in the game area. We have everything from board games to air hockey to ping pong!

Dive in!


During the summer each group is taught how to dive. Under strict supervision, campers are first taught to dive from the side of the pool, then to our smaller diving board and finally to one of our Olympic diving boards. The instructors give demonstrations every day.

Arts and Crafts

Arts & Crafts

In out outdoor shaded space set aside just for arts & crafts, campers get creative under the instruction of our art & crafts teacher.



Led by a professional dancer and instructor, our dance program has campers boogying all summer long! The theme for dance changes every summer to keep up with times and keep campers engaged. Some themes have been High School Musical and Zumba! Who knows what will be in store this summer!


Group of the Day

For the first two weeks of camp each group has their own special day. They dress up in a certain theme and have special events at each activity. The group also has a BBQ and hangs a banner for the entire camp to see

Carnival Day

Theme Days

Never a dull moment at Badger! Throughout the summer we have Special days to keep things exciting! Days like Topsy Turvy Day, Field Day, Carnival Day, Badger Olympics, Pirate Day and a Talent Show!

Tae Kwon Do

Martial Arts

Under the supervision of Hiawatha’s Martial Arts School, campers learn the ancient art of Tae Kwon Do. Made popular by the Ninja Turtles and the Power Rangers, Tae Kwon Do at Badger helps increase discipline, self confidence, self defense and fitness.



What is camp without summer sports? We have a real baseball diamond, basketball courts, fields for soccer, kickball and more! Sports are led by instructors who specialize in their sport and adjust the activities for each age group.

On the Playground


We’ve got tons of playground equipment of all shapes and sizes! Slides, ropes to climb, four square courts and more!

Talent Show


Age and gender drive the fun here! While little ones participate in sing-a-long songs and story telling, older kids might put on skits, choreograph a dance or practice improv comedy! It all depends on the group and what their interests are. This is also when groups can work on their talent show act!



Led by a music teacher, campers engage with a variety of musical instruments throughout the summer in a room outfitted with a smart board and PA system. For those who already play an instrument it’s a great way to continue with music over the summer. For campers new to music, it’s a fun way to get familiar with instruments and rhythm. Who knows? We might discover the next great ukulele player right here at Badger!

Happy Campers


Our Science & Nature program is all about getting to know the environment. Campers learn to identify trees, insects and flowers, conduct super fun experiments and even grow vegetables! Our program is run by a certified science teacher.



In a special, shaded area, campers enjoy some relaxation time with our two wonderful yoga instructors who make yoga fun for all ages. For example, we like to rename some poses after our favorite cartoon characters and have some serious laughs while doing it!



Campers jump in twice a day with time split between instruction and free time where they take part in group games, play with floats, noodles and diving rings and make a splash off the slides!

Our Happy Campers

I have only the fondest of memories of my years as Badger camper!  I also had the pleasure of working as a counselor for many summers as well. And, when the time came for my children to go to camp, there was no question where they would go! The personal, caring touch of the Collins family is felt in every aspect of the camp.  The balance of sports and non-sports activities combined with the stellar swim program makes for the perfect summer. Badger will always hold a special place in our family’s hearts!

Ali Nocar